Saturday, 26 May 2007

off on hols

we are going on holiday - oh yes we are

first things first i have made of my breakfast a gammon steak, tomato and tomtato sauce grilled sandwich, it is lovely!!!!!!!!

we are going on our hols tomorrow with the Pooles (Net, Ian, Leah) we are going down to Somerset Brean Sands, the weather forecast isn't looking too fantastic but I am in high spirits, there is a beach, animals, water, walks a swimming pool and our lovely caravan so what more could we want!!
I have got me things ready and I will admit I have packed 2 jumpers just incase :)
I tried our new "blows it's self up and deflates it self" airbed, it really did what it said on the box and all in 80 secs, how much easier can life get?!!

We went out of Enisa's birthday yesterday, her b'day is the sames as Laines 23rd but she was at college, she seems happier than she's been for a while which was nice to see!

Me mum and Baz came down as well, was nice to have them their, Baz and Pete got talking houses and extentions, me mum fell in love with the Burnette's stairs :)
Me grandad been poorly though, had to have paramedics out cos he couldn't breathe, still at home though, think he's determinded not to go into hospital.

Oh and me car is in for it's MOT, asked the very nice chaps at Stones Garage if they could hit my windowscreen wiper with a hammer cos it makes a click noise when I go fast in the rain.

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