Sunday, 29 November 2009

we have house guest

Mr Loz and Mr Daniel are here for just under a week.

Mr Daniel has new Thomas the Tank PJ's and I think he's just fab. Loz is alright an' all.

Elaine is trying to focus on her dissertation, not sure how well that's going at the moment.

Back to work tomorrow.

Oooo and nearly finished the rabbits new shed. Will have to get some picks up

Oh and 6 weeks of roast dinner in a row

Sunday, 1 November 2009

4 days off and I...............

Biked to asda and ate a carrot on my way home.
Went to see Lorraine :)
Went for Coffee (and a little snack) at Starbucks with Elaine

Went to Ryton Pools and got a bit lost on a bike ride, made it home safe though
Flew kite a bit (not much wind)
Invited Leah Poole over to stay (and stay she did til Sat evening)
Watched Elaine and Leah carve a pumpkim

Met with the architech (oooo)
Went to the Dr Who exibition with Leah and Miss Elaine Nicholles
Went to tesco's for lunch (got wii fit plus - just need a wii now)
Met Richie and saw Ellie and Megs

Went church
Had very pleasant lunch in town with Laine, very nice indeed!
Watched 3 episodes of Bones
Made roast chicken from like a whole raw chicken

Nice few days off :)
There would be pictures if only my laptop wasn't at the laptop hospital

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