Monday, 30 April 2007

flying my kite

today i

went to the vet
cleaned up
had a visit from Ali, played with Jack and made cheese on toast
picked up my new chair
made my new chair
sat in my new chair
flied my kite (fantastic)
pictured up laine
ate my tea
went through photos with laine
played on computer

please spot the kite below

Sunday, 29 April 2007

pete and lorraine's garden

I dropped off some broken slabs at pete and lorraines and helped with a wee bit of crazy paving please see the before and after :)

hurt my finger

I hurt my finger, dropped a little bit of concrete on it :) ouch, there a bit of a bruise!
I have just nipped round pete and lorraines house and while they were out moved all thier gnomes and put them around their back door to say hello. :)

Church was good, all about temptation and what it is and isn't, was quite interesting, I liked it, anyways got some slabs to move now.


I'm going to church this morning on my bicycle!! :)

Saturday, 28 April 2007

mowing lawn

it very quickly makes my garden look tidier, I like mowing my lawn!!! :)

now I find life infinitely complex and if i allowed brain could think about thinking about everything and anything, i try and stop myself. Then on a sunny day like today I stand at the back door, then sun is shining and the garden looks like this and the infinite complexities seem to matter a little less, just for a moment! It's god's gift I think

We went to pizza hut for Ellie's birthday today, was cool and then i spent ages in the garden with Megs, also lovely!!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

back to work.................


and what a busy couple of days it has been, my goodness I've been a busy little bee.

but now is chilling time and i am chillin looking at caravan porch awnings. Let me find you a picture of my hols

I love llamas, they gotta be one of my favourite animals, they just look so unimpressed all the time but are so fluffy and just lovely looking. Even better I didn't expect to see them on holiday so was sooooooooo pleased

We watched one of those brat camp type program ages ago and they gave each family a llama to look after and said they because they are so stubborn it would teachthe family patience and let them see how it feels to be frustrated by someone not doing as they are told.

I may have to set up a llama fan club i like them that much.

Monday, 23 April 2007

holiday was fab

it was a short holiday, 2 nights, but it was a really nice break.

cycling, forest, animals, river, nice food, good company, fantatic accomodation!!!!!!

only thing is we've come back an peanuts foot ain't fixed!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

away tomorrow

we are going on a little baby holiday tomorrow to Sherwood Forest, very excited it's the first caravan trip of the year and feels like its taken forever to get here.

As long as no one parks in front to our neighbours house we should be able to get the van out fine and be on our merry way early afternoon. then back in time for work on Wednesday :)

oh and today i created a 2 headed jelly baby!!! very sophisticated!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

it is April the 17th

it is, there is no doubting it and it won't be tomorrow.

Peanuts got a bad leg, he's okay thou as after lots of x rays they think it's not broken

The caravan is out ready for Friday and Sherwood forest :)

Work is busy busy busy but thats all good cos I love the job

The wireless network is being a pain in the bottom but the challenge is always good :)

Me grandad ain't too bad

Saturday, 14 April 2007


my goodness me!!!

I unblocked our outside drain today, i thought it was about time to as it was completely blocked and no water at all was going down it. I don't think i have ever seen, and may never see again, a hair ball that big!
and it was smelly!

I did have a nice sense of acheivement thou cos I was beginning to think i was gonna need to call a plumber, saved myself some pennies :)

It was such a sunny day, I love being outside :)

Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday evening

What a busy old day :) work was mad, lots of things to do and all very different. Paperwork, then crisis, then, more paperwork a meeting and a client. Blimey

Me grandad had the op we were all worrying about, in fact he had it without any of us knowing it was happening and therefore no worrying for the day, all good really.
I'm off to see him again tomorrow, my mum is on hols in Derbyshire.

Lorraine and Enisa can to see us this evening and I made then look at photos kindly they obligued :)

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

hey ho - deck

I am a control freak, not like freaky freaky but I like being in control knowing what I think, where things are going and what might happen.
Something I have not a bit of control over is me grandad in hospital, still no news on to operate or not to operate! Now one fo the tubes has gone wrong, which the doctors have not sorted and he didn't get his cups of tea (this matters to dennis). This makes me feel very out of control cos I can't fix it.

And me pour old mum is also a little like me in the control thing and I know she feels a bit out of control which isn't okay when her dad is so poorly.

Anyway me decks looking okay, needs a bit more work but is okay, interestingly moving slabs today my hand was bleeding a bit and I have yet to find the source of the blood, weird!!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007


he's not well bless him and he's had enough of being sat in hospital. they didn't have the results they needed to to decide on whether the operation can happen or not. one of the hardest thing for him must the waiting to see if he needs to make the decision to have or not have



First thing, why is there a "t" in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spoke to our mortgage adviser today and we are off to see him on Monday to look at re-mortgaging, it's a lot easier getting him to sort it out :)

I decked today, if my mobile hadn't just run out of charge I would put a picture on but you'll have to wait. It isn't the strongest deck and I think I will need to re-inforce it when I get some pennies for some wood but it will do for now :)

Todays the day they decide if they can operate on Dennis, I will be awaiting for a phone call from me mum!!!

Sunday, 8 April 2007

sitting in the garden

I am in the garden with my summer hat on, the laptop is on the patio table and all is well with the world.

I drink coffee rarely now a days, I decided it is not good for me so it is a treat, I just treated myself :)

I'm looking for decking, I was going to turf a bt of me garden but if i can find some decking cheap enough I think I'll deck it, it'll last and be lower maintenance.

I went to church today and was all brave and spoke to the minister and said I had been going a bit and wondered what I do next in terms of making a bit of a commitment to that one being my church. I also said I emailed him 2 ish years ago, which I did, in fact I think it's closer to 3 1/2 years ago :)

All in all a productive morning just waiting for laine to come back to have a peacful afternoon :)

Saturday, 7 April 2007


me mam rang me last night to say they had been to see my grandad and he well the news is, errrrm news.

He may be able to have some sort operation that could help but if it goes wrong that thats it gameover.
If he has the op he has probably up to 6 months until gameover.

Makes you take stock of things

and yes there are pictures

see the pictures lainey :)

Friday, 6 April 2007


We went to Hatton today with Lorraine, Enisa and Sam, it was lovely and sunny and lovely :)

Laine bought some stuff I had a hot chocolate and enjoyed meeting the rubber chickens in the toy shop. I also got a giant human shaped pig rubbing it's bottom in my direction. Oh the joy of adults dressed up in cartoon character costums.

Then this afternoon we had sausage sandwiches sat in the garden which was really rather lovely.

I am looking forward to more sunny days!!!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

broken up

Easter, easter easter and I have broken up from work for ooooooo 5 days. :)

I haven't blogged for a few days mostly cos I've felt tired, which I think may be a little down to the fact my bed has developed a squeak that keeps waking me up, I need to rectify this soon.

I have a few plans over Easter, gonna get the caravan serviced, gonna find someone to do the fence(I hope) gonna go Hatton wiv friends and gonna tidy me garden. Oh and probably go see me grandad again.

This weekend I spent my first afternoon in the garden in the sun, all be it Ellie's garden being bossed around by a three year old, love ya Megs, who thought someone 25 years young than me could contol me so well.

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