Saturday, 31 May 2008


me and laine went off to derby yesterday shopping for laines postponded birthday. Was a fab day with a nice dinner, coffee and cookies :)
Laine shopped until we both dropped
We spent a lot of time on the M1 in congestion on the way up and an accident on the way home
i took moses and charlie to the vets, they behaved brilliantly, moses a scaredy (editted by me) cat, charlie a little hissy but polite to the vet.
i'm off to melton today for a fancy dress party

Sunday, 25 May 2008

busy few weeks

It's been a bit busy of of, laine has finished her exams and essay and now has 4 weeks off, Cousin Linda from Canada is here and staying over the road, we went to Hatton and Stratford yesterday, was lovely.
My garden is most definitely getting there
and it's bank holiday - I love May with it's not one but two bank hols :)
and most importantly it was Enisa's 18th on Friday, we had a big party for her with balloons, ribbon, banners, cakes, potatoes, dips, cakes, presents, music, people, cakes and alcohol!


Sunday, 18 May 2008

me and net went to b and q

net cut herself on a very expensive £150 sun lounger, I then said we had to tell somone in case a small child got hurt. They all took it very seriously and we had a first aider and Jeanette had to fill in an accident form :)

Saturday, 17 May 2008


i hate having hayfever, I never suffered from it as a kid but as I have matured (:)) its seems to get me every year. Today I am snotty and itchy and the worse thing is it make me feel lethergic as I am a bit of a doing person so these 2 things conflict.
I've just dropped my car off for it's service and MOT, then I'm off for a haricut, not something I enjoy but is a necessity. Then another trip to the tip anf finally offering my help to the Poole who''s house in parts resembles a building site and they have a visitor saying for a week orso from Thursday.

Laine is still attacking her essay and revision, feels like she been doing it for months, it's been a hard slog this year cos uni has run while she's been working so she hasn't had any free weeks to get it done. I don't envy her at all!!

Monday, 12 May 2008

today is monday 12th May 2008

I got up went to work, did some work, came home :)

All good.

This weekend was lovely, Sat I spent a fiar chunk of time in the car in a queue at the tip with Ian, sunny days always brings out everyone and his brother to the tip to get rid of all the bits of crap that have been hanging around.
Sunday I spent most of the day under me favourite tree in the garden, was a fab day and a real chill.

Laine thou bless her was having to write her essay and is now revising. It's not fair on her really cos she works so hard and is a bit of a perfectionist and it means that it eats up her whole life until it's finshed. She is a clear one thou and it shows when you read what she's written.

Grass ain't looking too bad at all! Glad the rubble's gone :) good old rubble collecting men!

Anyways back to Dr Who I go now :)

Monday, 5 May 2008


it's getting there :)

I got a new mower ready it is a Hover mower compact 330

Sunday, 4 May 2008

charlie got me

the cat thingy of defleaing and worming went well up until charlie
Moses put up I fight but then gave up
Peanut, when he realised what was happening riggles a bit
Charlie took out lump of my arm and made me bleed

we are all friends again now :)

Saturday, 3 May 2008

i may not survive

I have got to flea drop and worm the 3 cats

1) find them
2) catch them
3) cry with pain as they scratch me
4) swear
5) sit on them (gently)
6) Flea stuff on back of neck
7) find worming tablet
8) open cats mouth
9) drop tablet cos of cat riggling
10) find tablet
11) try and open cats mouth an throw tablet down throat
12) get tablet off of floor and repeat
13) hold cats mouth closed until they swallow
14) do this 2 more times with different cats

oh my

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