Wednesday, 27 February 2008

oscar is away

He's away at his new girlfriends house while they get to know each other, I miss his little mismatched ears :)

His new girlfriend is Bessie, she has a story to tell and when I have some good pics I shall blog them and write all about her and her diet plan :)

Saturday, 23 February 2008

fab tea

i had a fab tea. laine said it looked horrible, was sausage, tomoto mixed into scrambled egg,
I'm sorry I didn't take a photo so I could see it and remember it in years to come.
Monday is pay day - yay
Tomorrow me and Leah are taking Oscar to meet his new friend, very exciting, he has learnt how to go up to the second level of his house so will be able to show her around properly now :)

Saw Janet a old friend yesterday and her 16 month old baby Abi, who is lovelybut was suffering a little from the MMR jab, she was soooo sweet!
Gonna test Ellie ready for an interview I got 170 questions for her :) hehe

Laine got a cold, not wel bless her :(

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Wednesday 20th

It's my brothers 31st birthday tomorrow, happy birthday Gavin, this means my 30th must be coming up this year oooo eeeeerrrrr.

When I was younger people used to say that at 40 they still felt the same as they did at 18.

I feel hugely different from 18 I think it's a good thing, I'm glad I do.
I couldn't imagine holding a life together with relationships, jobs, mortgage, bills, council tax, car tax, food shopping, pets, holidays, caravans, cleaning, washing up, washing clothes, mowing the lawn, recycling etc when I was 18. Think I would have fallen over and stayed down if I'd have needed to do all that type stuff at 18 :)
Funny that cos at 18 I was sure I knew as much as most other people is not more :)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

gardening, melton visit and me grandma w

busy gardening this morning with Ian, tree gone, water feature clean and all after a lovely bacon and egg sandwich made by net :)
Then went to melton to see my Grandma before her birthday, quite a deep conversation I had with her today, she might be moving into a home and so is reminising a lot about life. One thing she said was that she hasn't wasted her life, i think thats quite a fab thing to be able to say and hope if I make it to 92 I feel the same!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

somethings are complicated

you try somethings and whatever you do something crops up and messes up your plans. This is the time to go back to square one :)

My nail is a little less painful, thank goodness, still a wee bit red though.

Laine has been on lates for 3 days so I haven't had to get up early for 5 days :)

The hall looks like a proper house

I am sneezing a lot

Monday, 11 February 2008


it is sore and red and hot

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I work in the drugs field and I find it faciniating so how happy was I tonight when laine went to sleep on the sofa and I found that horizon were showing a programme on the Lancet paper on rating harm of drugs. Then even better there was a live web broadcast of a debate on the programme,
Had a fab evening! As it's a report that I've been interested in for a while now, links below if anyones interested

Next the overhall of the drugs act :)

Monday, 4 February 2008


Laine is on placement for 8 weeks, she has just started week 4 and I have in some ways enjoyed the 6.30am alarm call. I get up get looking reasonable enough to leave the house, dropher off at work and come home and have coffee and breakfast with the pets, it's nice, I watch the day get lighter which is really nice when it's blue sky :)
The bit I've not quite mastered is the going to be early enough to make up for the fact I'm getting up early, this is making me a sleep lass, I like naps and when I can sneak one in it's fine but other days I'm no use to anyone past 9pm, that can't be good, I haven't made it to 30 yet but I can't stay awake for the ten o'clock news :)

Sunday, 3 February 2008

A week since I posted

Yesterday i ripped a bit of my nail off, no idea how, was there one minute gone the next, if there hadn't have been blood I wounld't have noticed. this morning however, ouch mc nouch!

I built the rabbit a new superhome yesterday, we've had to extend ready for Flo, Flo is hopefully going to be rabbit number 2. On 23rd Feb me, Laine and Leah are going to Hatton Park with Oscar so he can be introduced to some lady rabbits, once they pick each other they will then spend a few days together geting to know each other, we then go back and pick up the happy couple. So the new cage is a two floor number with easy access to the floor for trips out. I now need to remind oscar how to jump up onto the other level he's not a very adventerous bunny. The bunnies will be able to run about and spend time apart when they feeling more unsocialable.

The hall carpet is down and done, looks fab, really glad we got it layed, there's no way I would have got it looking so good with my stapler and stanley knife.

The Pooles are home, they missed the plane due to a lorry crash and told us they would be back a day late, then on Thurs morning (before they were expected anyway) they turned up on our door way, looking a little sleepy but happy to be home and sorted. Had a look at photos and a take a way on Friday :)

Back to work tomorrow, busy bees

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