Sunday, 29 June 2008

skip, 5.30 and rabbits

well laine has started her new placement, she has done 4 shift over the last week, all beginning at 7am in Warwick. This has meant that we have both seen too many 5.30ams over the last 7 day. I do feel in a slightly better position as i can go back to bed after and i don't have to do it for 7 week. It was a case off all alarm clocks in the house going off this week to make sure she was up

then theres bessie, i must ring in a minute. She has been with Jane at the rabbit rescue for what seems like weeks. We may have a potenital new friend, Colin, he's a bit older than our Bess but is the only bunny there that she hasn't hated :) We'll see

Yesterday Ian and I tootled over to Melton to help me mum and Baz clean out my grandads garage. He had a lot of years to collect stuff and my he had done well. Baz isn't for throwing stuff out and I think he must have saved 15 hammers "just in case"

Today I'm pottering, in me garden, sorting caravan and maybe going to see Bess

oh and Dr Who was fantastic!!!

Saturday, 21 June 2008


Last night we picked Leah up from brownies. I began to have a thought about tenting.
We got home and the thought kept going round in my head and then it just jumped out my mouth, "leah you wanna sleep in the garden in the tent tonight?" Leah said yes, so that was it we put t'tent up, got the air bed, got it all comfy, watched Dr Who and then slept in the tent.
It was lvoely, only small issues were cats either trying to get in or getting in and then having to be thrown out and it rained loads was nice to hear it on the canvas but was a bit loud at times.

Thats it now, in nice weather on our plip weekends I think we may be camping :)

Saturday, 14 June 2008


we are in oxfordshire at little bo peep again. Its lovely here, i flew my kite this afternoon which always cheers me :) I really like days when I don't have to drive anywhere it makes it feel more relaxing I think. We have shopped a little - new shoes - biked a lot, chilled a lot and sat and done nothing much a lot. All in all a good hols.

We may nip and see if Bess has picked her new hubby bunny on the way home but will have to see if she's free first :)

The caravan has again done us proud

Saturday, 7 June 2008

blood blister

I am soooooo clever!
Washing is out on my wirly gig (rotary drier I think is the proper name)

It begins to rain

" I know if I take the punchy bit out of my punch bag the sand and metal base will fit the gig and the clothes can dry in the garage"


Undo metal poll to take the top off, forget to hold the top, top bit of metal shoots down, spring trapping my finger between the 2 bit of metal and causes nasty painful blood blister - twit

Friday, 6 June 2008

it's the weekend

It's been another busy week, the new job is gonna keep me occupied I think :)
It's been good this week, really feel into it all now, not so much new that I don't know what I'm doing.
We have a peaceful weekend planned, Laine has 2 more weeks to placement so she's making sure her resources are well and truely topped up.
I took the cats to the vets last weekend, Moses is scabby and Charlie needs "not to put any more weight on" :)
Me, Laine and Leah all went on a bike ride to Lorraine and Petes house and they weren't in so we moved some gnomes around and went home to play on the trampoline, all good fun :)

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