Sunday, 27 April 2008

new job grass and a hole in a wall - bike

The new job is going well, I have a desk a car park passa phone and a puter. I've really enjoed it so far which is nice!

The turf arrived Friday evening, by the time I made it home it was all in the back garden, Ian, bless him has spent close to 2 hours carrying it round for me, the kind man left a few extra rolls, funny kind for me, cruel for Ian.
Turf was all layed by 9.30am Sat

Then Sat Ian and I knocked a hole in his wall for a lintel, then realised the bricks were looking far too shakey and ran a builder. Builder said we had done it right and that there was hardly anything to do. Builder doing it though tomorrow night, I must admit holes in load bearing walls are a bit scary :)

Laine is busy doing her essay, I'm sure she'll catch up on some sleep at some point.




Ellie had a birthday, "happy birthday Ellie"

Sunday, 20 April 2008

and sunset 12th April

my fav holiday pics

nipped in and look what i found

I nipped round to the pooles cos laine was busy working and sometimes i find it hard to be quiet

low and behold they were just about to have dinner and even thou i had already had a jacket potato and beans at tesco with Ellie, Sarah and Megan i thought it would be rude not to have a little bite. This was the little bite they placed in front of me

yum yum

Saturday, 19 April 2008

job gone, new one on it's way

oooo how exciting.
Job is well and truely finished now, did my last chatty thing today and now thats it no more drug and alcohol young people stuff for a bit :)

New job starts Monday, got me clothes ready, been shopping I have, the joy of being the new girl again :)

Had a nightmare with concrete collection, the chap never came, need to sort someone else out now. A mini nightmare with topsoil, it can late so poor old ian got roped into moving it all with me. Looks good now thou

Monday, 14 April 2008

cotswolds, job, rabbits, cheese

I love cheese, I just had pasta with in sprinkled on top, it lovely!!

Well the Cotswolds was fab, so nice, a real rest

The rabbits have turned into the terrible 2 some they seem every confident since we returned, so funny to watch

My my job starts Monday - oooooooooooooo

Saturday, 5 April 2008

dr who is back and we go costwold soon

Well a week on from concrete day and I think we are all about okay now :)
Hopefully a nice man (whom i shall be paying) is gonna come and take it away on thursday.

We just watched Dr Who, love it, fantistic and me and laine try our best to keep Dr Who time free. However next week we shall be sat in a caravan in the middle of no where in the Cotswolds :) Been getting the caravan ready this evening, will be all nice and tidy cos laine gonna tidy it

I went to see Helen, Matt, Missy and Rudi today, they all sooooo lovely and I got well fed :)

Thursday, 3 April 2008


I am indeedy recovering from the day of the concret. I began digging up some of the soil to make it level and you'll never guess what, go on try and guess...........................................................
there is a big pile of red bricks hidden under a third of the soil, so now i'm digging them up :)
it will be worth it in the end, he he

i have 7 and a half days left days left at ypsms - sad

bunnies running round in circles - funny

went out for tea with the normal bunch - lovely

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