Thursday, 30 August 2007

Lovely tea

I had pork and veg and pasta with gravy, was lovely :)
Before that I went and flied my kite in the park near us which was lovely :) and I got some conkers and posted one to Leah, was gonna ask Leah to come fly a kite but she was out, she has a busy social life. Got a tie down for awning for holiday just incase it is windy again!

Looking forward to the weekend, going to see Dylan, Leah's horse we sponsored at christmas.

All lovely:)

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

bradgate park

oooo it's been years since i been there but today Ellie, Sarah, Shannoooooooooooon and I set off to Leicester (after stopping for snacks at ASDA). We would have taken Megs but she would have been tired out before she even got there!
We went up a hill, then down it, then up a little hill then played a bit ( Ellie read now magazine) saw 3 deer in the distance running and went home, was fab :)

Before that I went to old arley to pick up the new porch awning that i won off ebay and I just finished putting it up and taking it down, it is I feel perfect. We try it out in Oxfordshire in a few weeks.

What a grand day, photos will follow :)

Monday, 27 August 2007

sunday of the bank holiday

...was yesterday :)
I went to Ellie's for weetabix :) found it slightly difficult to get a word in edgeways as Megan was in a chatty mood!
Then home, off out for a meal with Mu, Pete and Joy (Boogie). Food not bad and lovely spot outside under a oak tree, acorns included :)
Back home and pottered outside for a bit, clean out the animals :( and ordered my birthday present from Laine off the internet. Then we bike to the hospital so that Laine knows where she gotta go for her jabs on Tuesday.
Watched a ouple of episodes of QI and then to bed.
Feel like the day was certainly not wasted :)

Saturday, 25 August 2007

First day of bank holiday and it's a gud un

Busy day, started off getting new laptopn cos the other one died, proper died, no life in it at all.

Then spent a fair few hours helping Ian sort out his sisters garden, looks good now

Then came home and did me own garden and then bbq'd me tea, all good fun :)

Friday, 24 August 2007

how sad

This is shocking!!! It's an article off reuters of all the young people killed by gun or stabbing this year. It scares me cos some of the kids I've worked with are daft enough to end up either holding or at the end of a gun and not because they are horrible, evil human beings but just cos thats where they ended up and can't really remember how.

*January 25 - Jevon Henry, 18, stabbed to death in St John's Wood, north London
* February 3 - James Andre Smartt-Ford, 16, shot dead at Streatham ice rink, south London
* February 6 - Michael Dosunmu, 15, fatally shot in his bed at his home in Peckham, south London
* February 14 - Billy Cox, 15, shot dead at home in Clapham, south London
* March 5 - Odwayne Anthony Barnes, 16, stabbed to death in Birmingham
* March 6 - Jason Spencer, 17, killed in knife attack in Nottingham
* March 14 - Kodjo Yenga, 16, stabbed to death in Hammersmith, west London
* March 17 - Adam Regis, 15, stabbed to death in Plaistow, east London
* April 6 Paul Erhahon, 14, stabbed to death in Leytonstone, east London
* May 1 - Kamilah Peniston, 12, dies in hospital after being shot in her home in Manchester
* May 18 - Dwaine Douglas, 18, stabbed to death in Thornton Heath, south London
* May 21 - Sam Brown, 16, stabbed to death in Blackpool
* June 19 - Sian Simpson, 18, stabbed to death in Croydon
* June 23 - Annaka Pinto, 17, shot dead in Tottenham, north London
* June 23 - Ben Hitchcock, 16, stabbed to death in Beckenham, south London
* June 26 - Martin Dinnegan, 14, stabbed in Islington, north London
* July 26 - Abukar Mahamud, 16, shot dead in Stockwell, south London
* August 22 - Rhys Jones, 11, shot dead in Croxteth, Liverpool

This makes me feel i need to change the world and fast!!!

the friday before bank holiday

I love bank holidays, there like a gift, I do nothing to earn it yet I get one and sometimes 2 days off just to well errrm slob. Not that I do always slob, they are a good time to DIY and such.

This week I am knackered works been really busy and with it being the first week after ahls my stamina was not quite up to scratch

I just made myself a tiger bread and pork sandwich, I love tiger bread particularly when it's fresh, I very much like the name of it as well.

I got the plasterboard for the hall, just need Ian now to put them up, the hall was always the thing that I though I was gonna have to pay someone to do cos it tricky but it's going okay at the moment, taking awhile but going okay.

Now for the rest of the evening I shall be having a few peanut m and m's, I bought myself a big bag for 85p, the joys of work and having a fast metabilisum (I know that's spelt wrong!)

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

21st Aug

It has been a rainy day again and I have had hayfever, it seems unfair, I don't mind hayfever that much when it's sunny sunny shine!

I been playing with numbers at work lately, I rally rather enjoy it, just booked the next caravan holiday in oxfordshire, should be nice

ooo and Ian is gonna help me plasterboard the ceilings in the hall, thats all good. He did the wall when we were on holiday how cool was that!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

flat pack

hello, am back from me hols, loved borth and the sea, even swam in it :)

Anyways flat pack, we bought a new chest of drawers to go where the piano was, i never liked the piano!
I open the box and at least a million bits fell out and then to my amazement all the bits that should have been labelled A were labelled D the bits meant to be be no. 11 and 23 were in fact no. 2 and 14! This went on for all the peices, it amused me in the end!

Pics of my hols:

Saturday, 11 August 2007


i'm off to walws for a few days, very low chance of interent therefore very low chance i shall blog :)

Saturday, 4 August 2007


and i got some photos of rabbit

playing with camera in our lovely garden

firstly got laines lights put in the dolls house, what a relief they worked!
And played in garden with the new (ish) camera

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