Wednesday, 30 May 2007

home now

we home now, bad weather stopped play so we packed up a little earlier than planned and headed back north (midlands) with the plan of going to pizza hut and we did just that. All good and my fav photo is/are: sun set, beach, cave

oh and I kissed a donkey on the nose :)

wednesday 30th May

well we are off home today and it is a bit rainy, slept brilliantly last night which proves to me that i need to sort out my squeeky bed at home.

This has been a lovely spot in the UK to visit, I have very much enjoyed it and will hopefully have lots of photos to show for it when I get home later.

Then we got another 4 days off before we go back to work, I'm trying not to think about it cos I got busy run of days when I get back :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

my hols

we are in somerset, the wifi on the camp site is working which is fantastic and has been a bit of a life saver really :)

Travelling down was fine, the roads were quite good, rain the only thing that was a little annoying. Then got to camp site fine, people here really nice. had to set up in the rain, first time we've done it, got vey wet but was sucessful enough :)
Then the Pooles came, we put the annex up, which looked feable to being with and by the end of Sunday had ripped and was shoved in a bin bag.
Anyway we got all set up and went off, nipped to Tesco and then off to find a swimming pool, one was fully and had queues and we didn't find the other one. So that didn't go well. When we got back to camp site wind had started to get a bit rough, we had chinese and by the end of that the wind was scary!
Them lot played games and by bed time I think so of the adults were thinking this wind ain't funny anymore.
Anyways we survived the night although I saw every hour on my watch a part from 1 and 6 :) Don't think I've had such an awful night for a long long time.
Mon was lovely though, weather not great but good enough. We had sausage sandwich, went down to beach, fantastic beach, cheese sandwich for dinner, I went back to beach on be bod and rode my bike in the sea (photos will follow when I get home) Went out for tea then I went back to beach again to watch sun set, was so so nice!!!

So far today we been to Wookey Hole caves and all been to the beach, then pasta for tea.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

off on hols

we are going on holiday - oh yes we are

first things first i have made of my breakfast a gammon steak, tomato and tomtato sauce grilled sandwich, it is lovely!!!!!!!!

we are going on our hols tomorrow with the Pooles (Net, Ian, Leah) we are going down to Somerset Brean Sands, the weather forecast isn't looking too fantastic but I am in high spirits, there is a beach, animals, water, walks a swimming pool and our lovely caravan so what more could we want!!
I have got me things ready and I will admit I have packed 2 jumpers just incase :)
I tried our new "blows it's self up and deflates it self" airbed, it really did what it said on the box and all in 80 secs, how much easier can life get?!!

We went out of Enisa's birthday yesterday, her b'day is the sames as Laines 23rd but she was at college, she seems happier than she's been for a while which was nice to see!

Me mum and Baz came down as well, was nice to have them their, Baz and Pete got talking houses and extentions, me mum fell in love with the Burnette's stairs :)
Me grandad been poorly though, had to have paramedics out cos he couldn't breathe, still at home though, think he's determinded not to go into hospital.

Oh and me car is in for it's MOT, asked the very nice chaps at Stones Garage if they could hit my windowscreen wiper with a hammer cos it makes a click noise when I go fast in the rain.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

tuesday at work

I am looking forward to my holiday, I love my job and passionately believe in what we do but just wish we could do more. But we can't.
For me we can't quite do enough for people without it then meaning that someone else gets nothing. And we can't help the people that don't quite fit the criteria because there isn't enoughof us to go round

What does it come down to?

It does my head it, you see the amount of money that goes into developing things like new flatter TV's, faster cars, tastier blumming burgers and you just have to think they world's priorities are weird.

Me and laine danced matted tonight, made me laugh, almost fell over though :)

Sunday, 20 May 2007


here is the hall after today,

not too bad cough after

Sunday May 20th

Busy little Sunday

What have I done?

I got up just before 10, oops not going church then :)

Began to attack the hall again, this time I did wear a mask, so mum and Baz don't worry, I took a photo so you can see!

Took me a good few hours and a few hammer hits to my left hand. Found 2 blocked up door ways, kinda messes up my plan a bit but only a bit.

Went to tip, not as busy as i thought it would be :)

Cleaned out all the animals

Went to asda and got a shed load of cat litter and some bits and peices

Mowed the lawn

Made myself hot dogs, see picture!

Trimmed one of my hedges

Laid on my hammock and am now playing on the puter

Me and my mask and my hotdogs

Saturday, 19 May 2007


I was at work this morning, not bad. Went to see a house with the pooles, very nice, fanastic garden.

Played with pete, took radiator off in the hall!

Took a little bit of plaster but no time to do the rest.

Need to go and get a double air bed for our holiday next Sunday now :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

what a little old day

how busy little bee have i been?

went and looked at a house with Net Ian and Leah last night, not the one for them, would be fab opportunity for someone.

Today up early and off to solihull to take peanut to the posh specialist vets, then zoomed back to coventry did a bitof work, ran a training sessions then, popped back to Solihull and got peanut, i soooooo tired now :)

Anyway we no furthur on with the Peanut saga, in fact we are moving back towards soft tissue, but more results needed first. Roll on bank holiday and somerset i say!!!!!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

i attacked the hall

we used to have wood cladding - not nice - in the hall, in a moment of madness i ripped it all down and have started taking the plaster back to the brick, what a mess. the hall and landing is the last big bit of diy i gotta do for a while :) (spot peanut!)

up early

it is sunday and i have been up since 6am!!! the only reason for this is my runny nose, it's ridiculous! i am very much hoping that the anti-histamine i have taken will kick in so i can return to my lovely sleep

Friday, 11 May 2007

my shoe

it is poorly, i could really could do with a new pair maybe I will look into the possiblity of making this a reality.

see here it is

oh and an amazing thing that happened is a rubber chicken and a stuff rabbit ate some of Ellie's pork batch today!

what a world!!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

i'm tired

oh yes i am

Monday, 7 May 2007

the dinner

I do like it when I get to cook, I'm normally too lazy :)

busy little old bank holiday

so many things I've done :)
i washed up
cleaned out the cats
cleaned out the rabbit
cleaned the bathroom (included floor)
went shopping
got petrol
went to Wicks with Ellie
put photos on a disk for grandparents
made dinner for Mu and Babs
played on the eye toy

what a busy little lass I have been, wonder what tomorrow holds

Sunday, 6 May 2007


now it seems an easy task and sometimes I set to putting up a shelf and drill holes put it up all is done and dusted.
But other times the things just completely out wit me!!!!!! I hate em, it's a job I hate, shelves are nasty smelly things!!

Poor old laine just said put up 4 little baby shelves and that's it battle lines drawn! And today I beat 3 of the little rascals, one beat me but when I get some new bigger screws tomorrow I shall suceed!!!!!!!!!

I shall be sercuring my victory with a wee dap of no nails on all the little blighters and then the only way they are gonna come off the wall is with a large hammer!!!!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Morning Saturaday

Good morning,

I woke up with such a dry mouth and my nose was soooooo bunged up!!! 1 hour on and a cup of coffee later my mouth is now as it should be but one nostril is still bunged!

Anyways it's bank holiday weekend and I got the Monday and Tuesday off which is quite nice. Having to use up my annual leave has been quite good. We are gonna paint Laine's room I think and I need to by some hanging baskets from B and Q for Bazza.

All good, I've read about the elections, I'm not sure what's good news or not, I wonder if anyone really does?

Thursday, 3 May 2007


I have had to put 2 doors onto our lounge as Peanut has to be kept in one room cos of his poorly leg. Cos we love him soooo much we want him to be able to sit with us but the lounge did not have doors. So I went to B and Q spent £60 on stuff and fitted 2 door, it took 4 hours in total and to be honest it isn't a diy job i like.

Anyway here is a pic:

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