Tuesday, 29 May 2007

my hols

we are in somerset, the wifi on the camp site is working which is fantastic and has been a bit of a life saver really :)

Travelling down was fine, the roads were quite good, rain the only thing that was a little annoying. Then got to camp site fine, people here really nice. had to set up in the rain, first time we've done it, got vey wet but was sucessful enough :)
Then the Pooles came, we put the annex up, which looked feable to being with and by the end of Sunday had ripped and was shoved in a bin bag.
Anyway we got all set up and went off, nipped to Tesco and then off to find a swimming pool, one was fully and had queues and we didn't find the other one. So that didn't go well. When we got back to camp site wind had started to get a bit rough, we had chinese and by the end of that the wind was scary!
Them lot played games and by bed time I think so of the adults were thinking this wind ain't funny anymore.
Anyways we survived the night although I saw every hour on my watch a part from 1 and 6 :) Don't think I've had such an awful night for a long long time.
Mon was lovely though, weather not great but good enough. We had sausage sandwich, went down to beach, fantastic beach, cheese sandwich for dinner, I went back to beach on be bod and rode my bike in the sea (photos will follow when I get home) Went out for tea then I went back to beach again to watch sun set, was so so nice!!!

So far today we been to Wookey Hole caves and all been to the beach, then pasta for tea.


Daniel said...

Hey what site had wifi :D

ew78uk said...

hello, it was warren farm
we loved it :)

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