Sunday, 4 July 2010

house and the like

errm bit of a delay, sorry.
The house is about finished and has been for weeks, we are just getting through the snagging list and Elaine and I have some painting to do :)
We are chuffed with it and this summer so far it has been perfect for sitting and enjoying the garden.

Elaine has a new car, one that goes a proper speed, only thing is we need to sell Eric, which thanks to a few unhelpful people is taking some time!

Today I went kite flying which is always a good, thing, earphones in, sun out but enough cloud so you can look into the sky and a good strong wind. Made me feel like I was in the middle of no where even though I was in the middle of Earlsdon!

Oh and me veg garden looks rather healthy.

and we nipped down to the Godiva festival to catch a bit of the 80's night, thanks Poole's!

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