Saturday, 29 December 2007

extension to rabbit hutch :)

oscar been poorly, if he is still with us when the weather gets nicer I have built him and extension to his run.

Friday, 28 December 2007

the last few days

nice food, good company, presents and a sick rabbit

oscar has torticollis
on christmas day when we got home is balance was shot, i had restless night and took him to vets, they were shut so rang emergency vet who happened to be jut round the corner. They took him in for the day with the whole we will ring if we need to put him down chat.
Anyway he made it through the night so 8am next morning i picked him up and transfered him to our vet. The kept him while i was at work in case he still needed to be syringe fed. I picked him up after work and watched him closely all evening, was up on my alarm to check on him this morning and he's looking better, he can stand up staright now and his ear is back up:)
His has anti-biotics for 14 days and a treatment for a parasite for 28 days, he has pain killers and a liquid food incase he stops eating. If all goes well tonight and tomorrow we go back to the vets on Monday for a check up.
He is in the ounge now and I bought him new toys, still looking rough but it is a bit more hopeful that Weds when he couldn't run in a straight line!
I have a few photos not yet uploaded.

Other than that christmas was lovely :)

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas 2007

Most exciting part (trip to Burnetts) please see here. Sam describes it so well I don't need to explain it myself :)

A day at the Pooles, lots of good food, good company and some nice presents. Had lovely morning with Laine before we left for other peopleness.

I am now sat in my new dressing down with hot milk, chillin out wiv laine ready for the festivities of tomorrow :)

we off to me mums and bazza's tomorrow, be time for party games , way hey

Monday, 24 December 2007

christmas eve

oh yes it is :)

The presents are piling up under the snowman :) Laine is writing an essay I am trying lemonade and port for some reason, felt christmasy I guess

went to christingles service this afternoon with Ellie, Sarah and Megan, which was good fun :)

Now just gotta wait for Santa

Sunday, 23 December 2007

2 sleeps

my shopping is done, my wrapping is done

Works finished

the house is not that messy :)

we don't need any special food cos we out and about for most of christmas

washing done

Cats and rabbit clean

front garden tidied

.......................what on earth am I gonna do now :)

Saturday, 22 December 2007

3 sleeps and reversing

Ian has a trailer and sometimes we find excuses to drive it around Coventry. Today we went to the tip.

I can't reverse the trailer and Ian generally has to get out and unhitch and then move it by hand. Anyways on our way round to the tip we had to take Babs some washing. So while Ian was delivering said washing I reversed the trailer, was soooooo chuffed with myself I took photos to show people :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

oooooo 6 sleeps..............

.......... til christmas :)

Yay hey

I took some presents round Matt, Helen, Missy and Rudy's house :) Rudy and I have met 3 times and he had been sick on me 3 times, how special am I, i think it's cos he like's me!
Missy is fab she some a friendly little lass, you can just hug and squeeze her all up.

Anyways colds almost gone, bit of a cough left but most definitely on the mend, all good and almost ready fro santa :)

Monday, 17 December 2007

self diagnosis

i have had a cold for oooo ages, I now have a cough to be proud off and a pain down one side, I have using the power of the interent been able to diagnose myself. NHS direct thought I might be having an ashma attack, but when I changed the answer of one of the questions they changed their mind which is good cos I'm sure I'mnot. Anyways, 3 interent sites say I have pneumonia I think if I get 5 sites agreeing I may go to the doctor for a 6th opinion :)

(he he, hi mum, yes if it doesn't get better I will get it sorted)

Sunday, 16 December 2007


oh and today was the day coventry changed forever with the opening of ikea. Pete, Lorraine adn Enisa went and had meatballs :)

a week on tuesday .... christmas

me and laine went asda briefly today to get some bits, after i'd tidied the hall, looks so much bigger when it's tidy.

went to church wiv Ellie, it was a nativity with a difference, as all they let the children do was sing little donkey the rest seemed to be a bunch of adult having a laugh :)

i seem to have another cold, that's 3 now, although I'm not sure if this is another cold or cold 2 putting up a fight, anyways lots of orqange juice and i been in my pj's on the sofa with my duvet since 4.30pm, i feel a little more napping coming on!

5 days left at work til christmas, feeling good

Saturday, 15 December 2007

melton and paint

I went and did the present deliveries in Melton today, was very nice, saw my cousin Matthew at my Grandma Walkers, then nipped for a coffee at Vonnie's and saw Greg, who gave me some coverall, am well chuffed, simple things and all that!
Then to my mum's for soup, which was very nice with the croutons :)
Back home, bought paint, (I think I got too much!) and them spent 3 hours painting the hall, first coat of colour done am well chuffed :) looks good!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


I must go to b and q and by millions of litres of earth glaze 6
not until i have done this can i put any earth glaze 6 on the walls
and i still got christmas shoppingto do

Monday, 10 December 2007

a week since i blogged

and i can't remember what i've done in that time :)
well i do remember a few bits!

Saw Helen, Missy and Rudi, they are lovely!!!!!!!!!!
Spent 5 hours painting woodwork, gave myself a blister, not lovely!!!!
Had a few naps - nice
Bought a star :)
Had chocolate gateaux 11.30 on sunday morning, cheers mcmahon
Helped laine with an assignment
and today ran some training that went really well

I tired out!!!!!

Monday, 3 December 2007

sore throat

I have one and there is no telly, ntl broke

Sunday, 2 December 2007

cathedral while waiting for laine

i downloaded photos of my camera :)

princess and hummmmmm - see mum mask

Princess Fiona, I was taken aback that she can stand unaided

Saturday, 1 December 2007

busy day, happy new month

Well t'is the first of december and this fact i think motivated me to do some shopping, thank goodness cos it's getting a bit close now.
I also put in new baluster an did the fiddly bits, sanded some of the woodwork and hoovered after. I do of couse have photos, wait and see :)
Now watching x factor

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