Sunday, 30 September 2007

cold day 2

i think it'sday two but I was beginning to show symptoms on Friday night so maybe this is day 3 i'm unsure.
I slept okay which is always a good thing :) laid in a bit before checking up on matrix the cat. went and bought a filofax punch for laine, gardened (i love my garden) cleaned up and got an old bike working, delivered said bike to Ellie's, said hello to the girls on their return, mowed the lawn, made me and laine a hot drinks
cleaned out the rabbit, gave him big hug
and made my new cold frames ready for winter.
Below is a photo of my boys these were cuttings I took early in the year, see how they've grown, I'm so proud

Saturday, 29 September 2007


I have a cold this is not something I am happy about but plan to use it as an excuse to slob this weekend.
I have been racking me brain as to where this cold came from as no one I know has had one, then as laine began to start sniffling as well this morning and mentioned the work freashers flu I believe I may have fresher flu by proxy :)
So today I shall be drinking lots of orange juice and blowing me nose a lot
I have had some frosted shreddies and 2 tracker bars, I wonder if that is the ideal diet for these occasions?

Sunday, 23 September 2007


we went (laine and I) on holiday down to bo peep, adderbury, oxfordshire
was lovely fantastic and wonderful, really nice place, peaceful, the people were really friendly


There was a field, not just any field but one on the brow of a small hill htat caught the wind perfectly, thus from this day forward I shall call it the kite flying field :)

went went to oxford one day, i wasn't really impressed was too busy
we went to chipping norton the next day lots nicer :)

As soon as Laine knows her days at uni we are booking again

Sunday, 16 September 2007

kiting x3

I took my new kite flying three times today :)
Coombe Abbey once and the park near my house twice, once with elaine and once with Ian and Leah, it so cool being able to walk up the road and ask if they coming out to play :)

Had lamb grill steaks for tea and now watching xtra factor, oh my goodness :)

birthday and kite

Yesterday we all trooped off to me mum's for my birthday, it was a house full but was lovely, we went a walk which everyone enjoyed particularly the bit when you go past the sewage plant :)

There was chocolate, take-away and cake and a fair few presents :)
Goodness knows how long it took them both to clear up after we'd left.

Today I took my kite out for it's first trip, wind speed approx 13mph and it was fantastic, really really good, I soooooo enjoyed it, I may go back again later today.

Friday, 14 September 2007

it is my birthday

it is indeedy :)

busy day, open day at work lots of people yay and got these thing and some others, am tired now

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

sunshine on 11th Sept

Fab sunshine today, I went to find some conkers on the way to the doctors this morning and when Leah and Net came round tonight Leah and I went down the park and found ourselves 34 conkers :)

Went to the doctors for my asthma check, they wouldn't let me have a repeat prescription cos I ain't been in 2 years. Anyways I went, was late in but nurse lovely, did me peak flow and got 530, that my best score in the last 4 years, so no different inhalers :) I also now have my very own peak flow machine thing so I can watch it myself and if it gets lower I go back. Think the nurse got the idea that I wouldn't go regualrly so I can watch me own peak flow. Feel like I passed a test or something.
3 days to my birthday

Sunday, 9 September 2007

my weekend

ooo busy
I did on Friday night go adsa shopping :)
Saturday, Ian plasterboarded i helped, sat afternoon went hoar park farm with laine, theres a fantstic new bug shop.
Sat evening night and sun am, we had little old leah from across the street :)
sunday brunch, asda 6 of the best breakfast with Ellie and Megan, back home, little nap, then Pete put me a new joist in the ceiling, i assisted, cooked (microwaved) soup for ensia and Lorraine, quick nip over the road to say helloto the Pooles and now blogging and then to bed!
and i bought some very clear sellotape - i was amazed how clear it was!

Friday, 7 September 2007


Today Madaline McCann's mum was made a suspect, i really hope she wasn't anythign to do with it, feels a sad bit of the story.

Onto my happier more cheerful life, it's sunny today I love the sunshine! Ian is coming in the morning to put some plasterboard up, I shall help :) Then we off to Hoar Park farm so Laine can go dolls house shop and I can go garden centre.

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Promise has gone to a new hom and out of my bedroom. Megan was very please Promise is now gonna live with her, Ellie however I think had forgotten how big Promise was and is now thinking where on earth am I gonna put the giant pink cudley horse

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Wednesday - now 2 ceilings are gone!

I took the plaster off the hall ceiling now, still messy job but not as bad. Just gonna have to start putting it together now

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


It's getting dark and the rabbits out so don't let me forget to get him in

I just had a look at the searches on Goole that have led people to my blog, one of them said "omelette rabbit hutch" now who in their right mind would search for such a thing.

Were they thinking of a rabbit hutch made of omlette or an omlette made of rabbit hutch!?
I don't understand people anymore, here is the most fantastic information portal at our finger tips and someone typed in "omlette rabbit hutch"!

anyways, I fixed Leahs dolls house, which see and Laine are renovating and cut a chunk out of a hopefully not very important ceiling joist. Nice evening, House is nearly on so timeot microwave me hot milk :)

Monday, 3 September 2007


I cut my finger while slicing some mushrooms and it made me go "ouch" out loud :)

Busy old day at work, it's never dull now a days. 3 weeks and we off to oxfordshire in caravan, looking forward to it

Saturday, 1 September 2007

bradgate photos

Sarah came as well but she doesn't like her photo's on blog so I have not put her on :)


i took the ceiling down in th hall upstairs cos Ian said I should, thus I did, it was messy, made me cough but glad it's done, just needs tidying up so beam and plasterboard can go up. It's getting there but wish it were done :)
At one point the other day i had to do the hold scaffold board over the stair well, oooooo scary

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