Tuesday, 22 May 2007

tuesday at work

I am looking forward to my holiday, I love my job and passionately believe in what we do but just wish we could do more. But we can't.
For me we can't quite do enough for people without it then meaning that someone else gets nothing. And we can't help the people that don't quite fit the criteria because there isn't enoughof us to go round

What does it come down to?........money

It does my head it, you see the amount of money that goes into developing things like new flatter TV's, faster cars, tastier blumming burgers and you just have to think they world's priorities are weird.

Me and laine danced matted tonight, made me laugh, almost fell over though :)


Sam said...

That should read 'dance matted', should it?

'Danced matted' makes it sound like you did a quick boogie whilst really dirty.

ew78uk said...

i feel it would be a shame to change it now :)

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