Thursday, 4 December 2008

bit of a cough

I have a bit of a cough, it is winter and as of yet I haven't yet had a bad cold. I have had a few sniffles and a slightly poorly weekend but that all, this is all good :)
Have been christmas shopping got some presents, not all of them but getting there
Work is busy busy, should slow down a bit over santa season, i hope!
Laine is busy doing essays, she did an exam the other day 100 flipping % ha ha
I have just registered to do the first module of the social care degree with the open university, i am quite looking forward to it :)
Leah Plip has a birthday soon, she's 10 years old wow!!!!!!!!
The cats have all been in the house lately, i think it may be too cold to go out, they all have a chair or a stool or a bean bag to sit on, sometimes they argue and fight but then it settles.
The rabbits are running around all over the place, they have learnt how to get onto their cage and at their food they are somewhat rascalish at the moment but lovely at the same time.
Looking forward to santa time, nice long break, yay

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