Thursday, 20 November 2008

new toys

We have new toys, a lappy toppy and a dictaphone :) these 2 things are making for quite and entertaining evening :)
We have made the computer talk, recorded it onto the dictaphone, played it back to the laptop and had the laptop read our what was recorded.
How ridiculous and we both need to get lives!! :)
I have to admit we have also been making the computer say rude words, I know pathetic, a 30 year old and a 36 year old being so childish, hanging my head in shame now.
This may provide entertainment for some time me thinks.
Other than that I am getting ready to battern down the hatches for the artic weather heading this way and shall probably spend a fair amount of time sat in the loft watching Bones - oh yeah


Anonymous said...

don't you mean chilled to the BONES! hee hee

Anonymous said...

i think that getting the computer to say rude words is a fine idea..hours of endless amusement :)

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