Friday, 11 July 2008

rabbit revision

i have been reading about rabbits again, I go through phases of feeling the need to increase my knowledge of the little creatures so to improve their lives if possible. I have begun reading recently mainly due to the fact that Archie has been peeing all over the place quite a lot. I think i have figured this is probably due to him not long having been neutered and should stop within a few weeks, lets hope so.
Archie is lovely, Bessie is back to her old self after a bit of wobbliness, ear is back up and she eats enough hay for 8 rabbits at least
I have purchased a new run for then to extend the other one so when it isn't raining (ha ha ha ha ha) they have plenty of space to run about and we are thinking of getting them an outside house so they can stay out is it's nice when we are at work

Speaking of work, it's going well, never a dull moment in this job, I find chasing my on tail amuzing most fo the time :) Schools break up soon and when they do my diary calms down loads.

Me good self and the Laine went to Tarsus last night was lovely, really proper, I'm not a fan of eating out but will be back for the buffet evening again soon!

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