Monday, 14 July 2008

5.30 is a lovely time of day

Laine has been on placement for oh some weeks now, she has to get up t about 5.30am to make sure she is ready to go at 6.30am (she takes a little longer in the morning than I do but I'm not sure being able to get up at 7.50am and leave at 8am is anything to blog about!). I am kindly helping by getting up as well so she doesn't miss her bus (well Pete the taxi). I then hop back to bed for another hours sleep.
Anyways there have been some lovely mornings, no pictures I'm afraid far too sleepy to be thinking about grabbing a blumming camera

I am hoping the rabbits extension will arrive today, it makes there run bigger and then next month I want to get them a summerhouse so they can stay out in the day when the weather is nice enough. Bessie particularly likes it outside, Archie likes it anywhere that we are.

Ellie Sarah and Megan came for a picnic, t'was lovely! I bought a sun shelter for the rabbits which was way bigger than I expected so we sat in it instead and did a jigsaw (after Ellie had had a nap)

Anyways, soon time to go back to bed and then up and today I shall be going to warwick

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