Monday, 12 May 2008

today is monday 12th May 2008

I got up went to work, did some work, came home :)

All good.

This weekend was lovely, Sat I spent a fiar chunk of time in the car in a queue at the tip with Ian, sunny days always brings out everyone and his brother to the tip to get rid of all the bits of crap that have been hanging around.
Sunday I spent most of the day under me favourite tree in the garden, was a fab day and a real chill.

Laine thou bless her was having to write her essay and is now revising. It's not fair on her really cos she works so hard and is a bit of a perfectionist and it means that it eats up her whole life until it's finshed. She is a clear one thou and it shows when you read what she's written.

Grass ain't looking too bad at all! Glad the rubble's gone :) good old rubble collecting men!

Anyways back to Dr Who I go now :)

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