Saturday, 17 May 2008


i hate having hayfever, I never suffered from it as a kid but as I have matured (:)) its seems to get me every year. Today I am snotty and itchy and the worse thing is it make me feel lethergic as I am a bit of a doing person so these 2 things conflict.
I've just dropped my car off for it's service and MOT, then I'm off for a haricut, not something I enjoy but is a necessity. Then another trip to the tip anf finally offering my help to the Poole who''s house in parts resembles a building site and they have a visitor saying for a week orso from Thursday.

Laine is still attacking her essay and revision, feels like she been doing it for months, it's been a hard slog this year cos uni has run while she's been working so she hasn't had any free weeks to get it done. I don't envy her at all!!

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Anonymous said...

We must all suffer the same allergy
Snotty nose and runny eyes all round. Bummer

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