Saturday, 1 March 2008

the saga of the bunnies

Well Oscar is still away in Hatton, he and Bessie are getting on well but, due to his previous illness and the slight disabilities he now has being slightly wobbly, there are some teething problems. What's happening is that when Oscar gets friendly Bessie gives him a nudge, but due to her being a bit bigger than him she knocks him flying :) This as you can imagine have it's is a bit of a hazard.
So i gotta ring back on Sunday to see how things are going, they may have calmed down and all will be well or Oscar may need to wait for a smaller bunny girlfriend. This is all so so complicated!!!
When he or they or whoever does return I got them a fab new outdoor run which will take up most of the grass until we get some concrete down up and more grass down.
I watching Babylon 5 before I go across the road for breakfast and some DIY :)

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