Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Wednesday 20th

It's my brothers 31st birthday tomorrow, happy birthday Gavin, this means my 30th must be coming up this year oooo eeeeerrrrr.

When I was younger people used to say that at 40 they still felt the same as they did at 18.

I feel hugely different from 18 I think it's a good thing, I'm glad I do.
I couldn't imagine holding a life together with relationships, jobs, mortgage, bills, council tax, car tax, food shopping, pets, holidays, caravans, cleaning, washing up, washing clothes, mowing the lawn, recycling etc when I was 18. Think I would have fallen over and stayed down if I'd have needed to do all that type stuff at 18 :)
Funny that cos at 18 I was sure I knew as much as most other people is not more :)

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