Saturday, 23 February 2008

fab tea

i had a fab tea. laine said it looked horrible, was sausage, tomoto mixed into scrambled egg,
I'm sorry I didn't take a photo so I could see it and remember it in years to come.
Monday is pay day - yay
Tomorrow me and Leah are taking Oscar to meet his new friend, very exciting, he has learnt how to go up to the second level of his house so will be able to show her around properly now :)

Saw Janet a old friend yesterday and her 16 month old baby Abi, who is lovelybut was suffering a little from the MMR jab, she was soooo sweet!
Gonna test Ellie ready for an interview I got 170 questions for her :) hehe

Laine got a cold, not wel bless her :(

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