Friday, 2 March 2007

management badminton and a sore thumb

I am a manager, I played badminton today and I have a sore thumb.

Still in my head I consider myself medioca I guess, quite good at some things, pretty good at a couple but diabolical at a few :) Yet I find myself a manager, how did that happen and how can it be right?
Don't get me wrong put me in my work envirnoment and I can hold my own but sat here at the puter in my jimjams I wonder how it all happens.

My thought for this week involves nails, finger nails to be presice. What I am amazed about is that what we eat/drink somehow through numberous processing becomes finger nail and my left thumb nail is pretty tough so not only a nail but a solid substance.

I am a chemist, well I seem to have acheived a chemistry degree somewhere in my past and it means I often feel amazed at how the variation in a few electron neutrons and protons is the only differnece between myself and well a tree. No just that but the spin of the electron matters!

Then we talk about ozone and the greenhouse effect, now I know a massive part of that is free radicals, one little nippy electron making such huge difference. It's a wow thing.

I am also a christian, baptised oooooooo in 2002 and the more I try to understand the world around me the more wow I feel about GOD. One of my favourite psalms in the bible is 131. Which in in says
"I am not concerned with great matters or with subjects too difficult for me"
I sometimes forget that I am the clay pot and GOD the potter, or in my early days as a christian how I understood it, I am the amoeba trying to do a jigsaw :)

So anyways I don't need to get exactly how my fingernails got here or why I just have to chill :)

More importantly see the picture of my first full white camilia flower this year!

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