Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Lovely lady at Asda

I was at asda this morning and all the multi vitamins had sold out (flip). Then I spied one tub on the discount shelf and although there was no price on it I thought that'll do. Then a lovely Asda staff lady who was working in that bit came and offered to scan the price for me, 50p then we got into a discussion about how just because they change the packaging they have to sell of old stock, then she pointed out there was another tub there so I had both. I thanked her lots cos a good few people now a days would have just stood and watched me or pretended I wasn't there but she chose to help. Made me feel all warm and cosy inside.

Anyways fencing, I need to get a new fence in me garden, but who do you find a reliable fencer, so many horror stories on telly about dodgy workmen it feels like I need to hold interviews and as to see their CRB check. :)


Elaine/Laine/All at Sea said...

Hey what's with the 'a good few people nowadays...' malarky you old fogey?!!
28; a mere child!

Sam said...

I'm going to try fencing, the fencing club asked me if I'd like to go along...

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