Thursday, 22 March 2007

Funny old days

Morning all, I've just finished work well an hour ago.
My car is making a very loud noise when I steer right, I think my wheel bearing is going. I'm off to the garage to get it looked at tomorrow. I love my garage, I ring them and they always say we'll have a quick look tomorrow and sort it from then and they have fixed all my faults no problems :)
I had a busy old day but got loads done, read some of a report by RSA on the current drugs legislation and why it should change, it was an interesting read although some of my collegeues disagreed on how interesting it was!!!
I just rang my grandparents to wish them a happy 55 wedding anniversay. 55 year, 55, 55! My grandad is poorly, he has cancer and isn't looking good but is amazing, he's full of life and seems to have no fear of death he says he knows wheres he's going and is looking forward to meeting him.
Mucho respect for my grandad!

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Anonymous said...

we two have mucho respect for grandad aswell!the oldies

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