Sunday, 1 November 2009

4 days off and I...............

Biked to asda and ate a carrot on my way home.
Went to see Lorraine :)
Went for Coffee (and a little snack) at Starbucks with Elaine

Went to Ryton Pools and got a bit lost on a bike ride, made it home safe though
Flew kite a bit (not much wind)
Invited Leah Poole over to stay (and stay she did til Sat evening)
Watched Elaine and Leah carve a pumpkim

Met with the architech (oooo)
Went to the Dr Who exibition with Leah and Miss Elaine Nicholles
Went to tesco's for lunch (got wii fit plus - just need a wii now)
Met Richie and saw Ellie and Megs

Went church
Had very pleasant lunch in town with Laine, very nice indeed!
Watched 3 episodes of Bones
Made roast chicken from like a whole raw chicken

Nice few days off :)
There would be pictures if only my laptop wasn't at the laptop hospital

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Anonymous said...

hey u have nice house

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