Saturday, 21 February 2009

first day at school and binky on film

well i went to my first ou tutorial, not too taxing, a few bits i should be getting on with.
i only got lost once in brum which was good!!!!!

anyways cos i have a lot to do i can home and set about catching bessie on film binkying, don't ask we are right old rabbit people now a days

a binky is a rabbits expression of muchos happy

here it is :0

you may notice alfie barry walker nicholles in the clip, archie died he is the replacement and he's lovely


Sam said...

Oh, that's very cute. I've met Alfie, haven't I - Bess is the new rabbit. I can't keep up, you need to do the Christian thing and have a regular family newsletter.

ew78uk said...

Sam, no you have missed a few steps, does your mum not fill you in? shocking
Archie who you met on new years eve died on new years day (coincidence!)
then we had bruno for a week, there were big fights and he had to go back and now we have alfie barry walker nicholles!
he is fantastic, you will like him, he has a similar sense of humour to your goodself
you must come and drink tea with us all when you are in coventry

Sam said...

She probably has, but it's harder to keep up with than Eastenders.

I am back next weekend in actual fact, so if your people could get in touch with my people we my be able to sort a cup of tea out. The diary is looking pretty light at the moment. (That's my Westminster-speak)

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