Sunday, 29 June 2008

skip, 5.30 and rabbits

well laine has started her new placement, she has done 4 shift over the last week, all beginning at 7am in Warwick. This has meant that we have both seen too many 5.30ams over the last 7 day. I do feel in a slightly better position as i can go back to bed after and i don't have to do it for 7 week. It was a case off all alarm clocks in the house going off this week to make sure she was up

then theres bessie, i must ring in a minute. She has been with Jane at the rabbit rescue for what seems like weeks. We may have a potenital new friend, Colin, he's a bit older than our Bess but is the only bunny there that she hasn't hated :) We'll see

Yesterday Ian and I tootled over to Melton to help me mum and Baz clean out my grandads garage. He had a lot of years to collect stuff and my he had done well. Baz isn't for throwing stuff out and I think he must have saved 15 hammers "just in case"

Today I'm pottering, in me garden, sorting caravan and maybe going to see Bess

oh and Dr Who was fantastic!!!

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