Saturday, 7 June 2008

blood blister

I am soooooo clever!
Washing is out on my wirly gig (rotary drier I think is the proper name)

It begins to rain

" I know if I take the punchy bit out of my punch bag the sand and metal base will fit the gig and the clothes can dry in the garage"


Undo metal poll to take the top off, forget to hold the top, top bit of metal shoots down, spring trapping my finger between the 2 bit of metal and causes nasty painful blood blister - twit


Charli said...

owwey... nasty, nasty blisterage... Howve you been otherise~? Charli

Anonymous said...

winger, not as bad as b&q when i needed first aid and a cuppa to bring me round.

Anonymous said...

watch out for the B&Q whinger, she may try to out do you.
It does look pretty yukky.

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