Saturday, 31 May 2008


me and laine went off to derby yesterday shopping for laines postponded birthday. Was a fab day with a nice dinner, coffee and cookies :)
Laine shopped until we both dropped
We spent a lot of time on the M1 in congestion on the way up and an accident on the way home
i took moses and charlie to the vets, they behaved brilliantly, moses a scaredy (editted by me) cat, charlie a little hissy but polite to the vet.
i'm off to melton today for a fancy dress party


AllatSea said...

It was fantastic and wonderful in Derby. Thank you for taking me and letting me roam freely in and out of shops for hours. I know it's not your very favourite thing to be doing. It was worth putting my birthday off for a whole seven days :-)

PS Did you mean to say Moses was a scary cat or was it supposed to be scaredy cat? It's just I can't imagine him frightening the vet what with him being a bit of a wimp.

Anonymous said...

and we think you made a very convincing member of the womens land army, thanks for making it a really good family evening out

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