Wednesday, 12 March 2008

new job

What a rollercoaster of a day

7.30 - 9.10 Moderate anxiety
Interview process from 9.10 to 1.40
Waiting patiently from 1.40 - 4.30
Agonising wait from 4.30 - 7.10
Over the moon from 7.10 - now!!!!

To unravel that, at 7.10 I got offered a corker of a job :)


Sam said...

Hello there. What new job is this then?

ew78uk said...

I've been avoiding going into detail as it's not a simple thing to explain.
It's a bit of a trainer, bit of a multi-agency working/info sharing facilitator for Warwickshire County Council.
When your home I'll let you read the pack, you'll enjoy that you will :)

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