Sunday, 3 February 2008

A week since I posted

Yesterday i ripped a bit of my nail off, no idea how, was there one minute gone the next, if there hadn't have been blood I wounld't have noticed. this morning however, ouch mc nouch!

I built the rabbit a new superhome yesterday, we've had to extend ready for Flo, Flo is hopefully going to be rabbit number 2. On 23rd Feb me, Laine and Leah are going to Hatton Park with Oscar so he can be introduced to some lady rabbits, once they pick each other they will then spend a few days together geting to know each other, we then go back and pick up the happy couple. So the new cage is a two floor number with easy access to the floor for trips out. I now need to remind oscar how to jump up onto the other level he's not a very adventerous bunny. The bunnies will be able to run about and spend time apart when they feeling more unsocialable.

The hall carpet is down and done, looks fab, really glad we got it layed, there's no way I would have got it looking so good with my stapler and stanley knife.

The Pooles are home, they missed the plane due to a lorry crash and told us they would be back a day late, then on Thurs morning (before they were expected anyway) they turned up on our door way, looking a little sleepy but happy to be home and sorted. Had a look at photos and a take a way on Friday :)

Back to work tomorrow, busy bees

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