Wednesday, 16 January 2008


well this is my third day up at 6.30, well today was more like 6.40 but lets not split hairs! I'm surviving, I work til 8pm tonight though so will hav eto see how long I last in a usefully functioning way :)
Last night we began to put the radiator on, unfortunatley the pipes are a wee bit unlevel, well 4.5 cm's out to be exact so poor old Pete is gonna come back tonight to stick a bit extra on. I don't like radiator putting on, one becuase of the water and the potenial for leaks and 2 because I don't like having to drill into walls. So Pete did the stuff and I passed him things and made fun of him :)

Anyways off to the vet to see what she thinks of our Oscar today :)

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