Friday, 28 December 2007

the last few days

nice food, good company, presents and a sick rabbit

oscar has torticollis
on christmas day when we got home is balance was shot, i had restless night and took him to vets, they were shut so rang emergency vet who happened to be jut round the corner. They took him in for the day with the whole we will ring if we need to put him down chat.
Anyway he made it through the night so 8am next morning i picked him up and transfered him to our vet. The kept him while i was at work in case he still needed to be syringe fed. I picked him up after work and watched him closely all evening, was up on my alarm to check on him this morning and he's looking better, he can stand up staright now and his ear is back up:)
His has anti-biotics for 14 days and a treatment for a parasite for 28 days, he has pain killers and a liquid food incase he stops eating. If all goes well tonight and tomorrow we go back to the vets on Monday for a check up.
He is in the ounge now and I bought him new toys, still looking rough but it is a bit more hopeful that Weds when he couldn't run in a straight line!
I have a few photos not yet uploaded.

Other than that christmas was lovely :)

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