Sunday, 4 November 2007

sunday 4th November in my life

Worst thing today was half way through the day I realised it was Sunday not Saturday very upsetting :)
I started to sand down some plaster done by whoever rewired the house, as I started, large chunks of wall fell out and so I had to spend some time sorting that out and making the wall look more like a wall again :)
I PVA'd some of the plaster, what a boring job :)

and I painted white, lots of walls white, just plain old white. The solvent smell made me feel a little dizzy so I'm sure the rabbit must have been suffering (I put him outside in the end)

I'm basecoating to get rid of little cracks etc, ceilings included, that was a bit scary above the stairs.

Then after a very large bowl of pasta (I was very hungry) I put lights in Leah's dolls house.

Yesterday was firework night Laine, McMahon's (Ellie, Sarah, Shannon and Megs) and my good self went to a display was fab, loved it, so did Megs, we met the Burnetts there (Pete, Lorraine and Sam) which made the night even better, Megs likes people and much enjoyed helping me smack Lorraine and Pete's butts :)

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