Friday, 23 November 2007

one weekend, 3 days off , 2 days at work and do I have a cold?

Feeling a bit coldy, you know the very beginning of a cold htat your not sure if you'll fight it off or if you'll be a full blown snotville tomorrow. I'm hoping to fight it off while having a nice old sleep tonight, where did we get to with the hall? It's ready for the woodwork to be snaded down and painted and then for the wall to be done, how fab is that :)!?
Got to do a bit of work on the stair but not too much, then floor then done. Feel like I'm going to have a gap in my life when it's done, will have to get a new hobbie!
Biked to work today, first time in a week cos of my annual leave but glad I did.
We have our advent calenders, role on Dec 1st and my first choccy

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