Friday, 26 October 2007


Working with YP I think is a tricky thing. They have few rights really, okay there is child protection and if something particularly bad is happening it can be stopped but just middling poor treatment their ain't much that can be done quickly! My standards are high, not in a materialistic way but in an emotional way I expect a lot from adults around children.
I strongly believe in YP's rights, right to to make their own decisions (common sense goes here) their right to be allowed and encouraged to take responsabity, and definitely their right to be able to trust some half decent adults.
I am particularly talking about vunerable YP whose lives don't contain enough to hold them safetly and can often get themselves into a few scraps.
What grates me is those who aim to help with all the good will in the world who strip away those rights, who with no mallice take away what power those kids have.
It annoys me, end of

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Anonymous said...

think you must have needed to do the plastering. to clear your head after all that thinking

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