Tuesday, 11 September 2007

sunshine on 11th Sept

Fab sunshine today, I went to find some conkers on the way to the doctors this morning and when Leah and Net came round tonight Leah and I went down the park and found ourselves 34 conkers :)

Went to the doctors for my asthma check, they wouldn't let me have a repeat prescription cos I ain't been in 2 years. Anyways I went, was late in but nurse lovely, did me peak flow and got 530, that my best score in the last 4 years, so no different inhalers :) I also now have my very own peak flow machine thing so I can watch it myself and if it gets lower I go back. Think the nurse got the idea that I wouldn't go regualrly so I can watch me own peak flow. Feel like I passed a test or something.
3 days to my birthday

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