Tuesday, 4 September 2007


It's getting dark and the rabbits out so don't let me forget to get him in

I just had a look at the searches on Goole that have led people to my blog, one of them said "omelette rabbit hutch" now who in their right mind would search for such a thing.

Were they thinking of a rabbit hutch made of omlette or an omlette made of rabbit hutch!?
I don't understand people anymore, here is the most fantastic information portal at our finger tips and someone typed in "omlette rabbit hutch"!

anyways, I fixed Leahs dolls house, which see and Laine are renovating and cut a chunk out of a hopefully not very important ceiling joist. Nice evening, House is nearly on so timeot microwave me hot milk :)

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D. Elizabeth said...

google analytics if fun, isn't it? =)

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