Friday, 24 August 2007

the friday before bank holiday

I love bank holidays, there like a gift, I do nothing to earn it yet I get one and sometimes 2 days off just to well errrm slob. Not that I do always slob, they are a good time to DIY and such.

This week I am knackered works been really busy and with it being the first week after ahls my stamina was not quite up to scratch

I just made myself a tiger bread and pork sandwich, I love tiger bread particularly when it's fresh, I very much like the name of it as well.

I got the plasterboard for the hall, just need Ian now to put them up, the hall was always the thing that I though I was gonna have to pay someone to do cos it tricky but it's going okay at the moment, taking awhile but going okay.

Now for the rest of the evening I shall be having a few peanut m and m's, I bought myself a big bag for 85p, the joys of work and having a fast metabilisum (I know that's spelt wrong!)

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