Saturday, 14 July 2007

sat is now

my goodness it feels like time is flying by and i is a busy bunny

i think cos it ain't been sunny i'll letting days drift by without much thought, i must stop letting that happen. I was in Luton today and was every so chuffed to see a christian band playing in the town centre and a few christians with guitars singing just a little bit further down. I was in Luton with Ellie and Sarah having a little tour of the uni cos poor old Sarah is trying to figure out a what do i do with the next bit of my life type decision. Rather her than me, i prefer to shy way from such things. Anyhows I was pleasantly surprised with Luton Town centre and my dinner in Yates was lovely, ta Ellie.

Then I got home and Laine was making stuff for sunday school, she does do it properly when she does it. Then we went to the range to get a tin, next off to tesco for an air bed (on offer £9 - you can't say fairer than that) and some wellies, but allas no welly bobs.

Then to pizza hut yum yum, italian with bacon and green pepper, my usual :) then back home, pumped up air bed helped Laine a bit with more sunday school type stuff and now I is blogging!

Tomorrow I am partaking in the Godiva festival for 5 hours with me boss.

see above the severe weather warning for the west midlands tomorrow and where will i be in a tent telling kids about my job, lovely

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