Sunday, 29 July 2007


i had my first bbq today, we got a little silver bbq with our caravan so i bought some charcol and today tried it out with sausages for me and enisa (lorraine boiled hers for some weird reason) and a smoked haddock with mushrooms and pepper for laine. It took a while to get going and I couldn't find a lighter so had to use sparklers but it was worht the wait :)

I also gardened today, i love gardening it's looking tidy and ready for summer


Anonymous said...

them sosjis wos luvlee

Anonymous said...

? why u not use a stick from the garden, lit from the cooker to light bbq?
Just wondered. The oldiex

ew78uk said...

sparklers are so much more fun!

Sam said...

Mum's sausages always look rancid.

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