Wednesday, 6 June 2007

today is weds

woke up, nice it being so light in the morning
Took laine to work, came back and planted a few plants, attached my tv to wall.
Went to Ellie's had coffee and a rocky. Then Ellie made me lots of sandwiches to keep me going through the day :)
Off to work, always busy these days on so many levels
Tried to rescue a pigeon, rang rspca and everything but it few away when I tried to catch it in a box! Much to my bosses amusment
Came home Laine had made my pea and ham soup for me with a few crackers - lovely
Now playing on puter before bed.

Note for all Oust plug in air freshners are great!


Laine said...

i think you are being very generous to me when you say i 'made' your soup ;-)
did you get any presents at all???

ew78uk said...

yes yes i did a new elmo t-shirt it be blue and red and green. love it

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