Wednesday, 11 April 2007

hey ho - deck

I am a control freak, not like freaky freaky but I like being in control knowing what I think, where things are going and what might happen.
Something I have not a bit of control over is me grandad in hospital, still no news on to operate or not to operate! Now one fo the tubes has gone wrong, which the doctors have not sorted and he didn't get his cups of tea (this matters to dennis). This makes me feel very out of control cos I can't fix it.

And me pour old mum is also a little like me in the control thing and I know she feels a bit out of control which isn't okay when her dad is so poorly.

Anyway me decks looking okay, needs a bit more work but is okay, interestingly moving slabs today my hand was bleeding a bit and I have yet to find the source of the blood, weird!!!

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