Tuesday, 24 April 2007

back to work.................


and what a busy couple of days it has been, my goodness I've been a busy little bee.

but now is chilling time and i am chillin looking at caravan porch awnings. Let me find you a picture of my hols

I love llamas, they gotta be one of my favourite animals, they just look so unimpressed all the time but are so fluffy and just lovely looking. Even better I didn't expect to see them on holiday so was sooooooooo pleased

We watched one of those brat camp type program ages ago and they gave each family a llama to look after and said they because they are so stubborn it would teachthe family patience and let them see how it feels to be frustrated by someone not doing as they are told.

I may have to set up a llama fan club i like them that much.

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Sam said...

I would quite like to keep alpacas as pets.

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