Tuesday, 13 March 2007

What day is it?

Back to the sleep thing, I lose track quickly when I miss a bit.

I think today is Tuesday, I'm almost positive! Laine and I went to Coombe Abbey today for a bike ride it was fun, nature always wins, always pulls something out of the hat to amaze me, here's my fav pic from Coombe. Leaves still not out but just looked fantastic! :)
Net's birthday went really well. Although Laine and I were a little sleepy and my snotty nose wasn't helping.
The posters and decor made sure everyone she saw that day wished her a happy birthday :)
We got her in the car (full of balloons) locked the doors and drove her to fosse park where we dined in Druckers and then helped her pick something out at Next. Followed by family and friends being at her house for chips.
There was no way in this world we were going to let the day pass by quietly and I have a feeling Jeanette knew that from the moment she stept outside her front door :)
oh and the best bit, me laine Leah and Net in a photo booth :) :)

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