Sunday, 11 March 2007

sleep and Pizza Hut

I love my sleep! I consider a good sleep to be between 8 and 10 hours. In my opinion 7 hours in only just a bit more than a nap! So when Elaine and Leah got up at 6am after I had only gone to bed at midnight I did my best to ignore them. Then when they were singing "happy birthday Kwala"
at 7.30am I was still trying to remain asleep, but when they came upstairs at 8am and said "what time are you getting up" I admitted defeat.

Good morning Sunday, I now need to find ways to entertain an eight year old :)
(I'm taking her to my mate Ellie's so that will keep her happy for a bit, then me mum and Baz are here so really I have deligated the task)

Oh and went to Pizza Hut last night, it was absolutely lovely!!!! I will be going again!!!!

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