Saturday, 17 March 2007


I've had a week off work and it's been lovely, the first few days were very hectic, we had Leah for a night, me mum and Baz came to visit on Sunday night (KFC was lovely), Monday was Jeantette's birthday (remember the house decorating http://

So it wan't until Tuesday that me and Laine started to calm down, I finished my CBT coursework, bike ride round coombe abbey, Mcmahons for tea (Bangers and mash)

Wednesday a big garden tidy up

Thurs half a day with lorraine, bike ride round the roads

Friday Asda in the morning, cleaning in the day and War memorial park for a bike in the afteroon. NEW RABBIT HUTCH

Today has been fab another bike ride and a bit of quality time with Pete and Lorraine in their caravan, nice dinner and tea, time in the sunshine in the garden and a quick trip into town.

One more day then back to the routine of work:
168 hours in a week 25 % of them at work (counting travel time)
33% of the time asleep
43 % left to play, eat, do chores and talk to people :)

Yay that 43%

My long term plan is to reduce the work percentage to as low as money will allow :)

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