Wednesday, 14 February 2007

tuesday today

I quite like this whole blogging idea, makes you feel very much in control of something.
My biggest achievement today - Laine had her mobile stolen, boo hiss, but the lovely, and they were lovely, people at orange transferred her old number to an old sim card we had laying around and transferred the credit which was left AND gave her an extra pound credit. This makes me pleased with mysef.
I went to see my eldest grandparent on Sat she's 91, well 91 on Sat and really is doing okay for it. Lives alone in her own bungalow has meals on wheels and a cleaner to help out but other than that is fantastically independant, so much respect for her. She did scare Leah a little though when asking her age and I don't know how she heard 10 when Leah was saying 8 :)

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Elaine said...

and now i have a lovely new phone too :-)

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